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An Overlooked Opportunity

Let’s face it. Local real estate marketing isn’t traditionally a huge untapped opportunity for great work. We can all close our eyes and imagine the ads and images these campaigns conjure up.

But we weren’t interested in that.

The Ask

We were on a mission to prove that great work can happen anywhere and for anyone – especially for an established regional brand like Northrop Realty. So through a partnership that’s lasted almost ten years we’ve made almost fifteen commercials.


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The Answer

Our efforts have resulted in fifteen industry awards including a regional EMMY. But more importantly they’ve seen a 160% growth in their business during the same time period.

What others had to say:

“I must say, I really love this commercial, down to the little boy rising up on his tiptoes when saying you dropped something. I raised two boys and yes, they would have done” 

“Amazing commercial”

Ok. Whoever produced that local  Northrop Realty ad..with the kids proposing to put the school building on the market (market's hot you know) :clap:


The Campaigns

Blue Box was targeted at first time homebuyers. How can we invoke a feeling of nostalgia for some that hasn’t happened yet? We envisioned three key life events around a blue ring box. We aligned the Northrop brand with these moments.

"The Closers" series features five children OBSESSED with real estate. They love watching successful agents and families move into the homes within their neighborhood. Each Closer was based on common sitcom archetypes. The Closers campaign was so successful that they ran on multiple regional Super Bowls and spawned an obsession with yelling “one week!” at agents.

The Results

These campaigns became a calling card for Northrop Reality in a way they had never seen before. Growth in every measurable metric but also memorable, quotable work. Ideas that were sticky and characters that hung on and were remembered. It also became a benchmark in local advertising.  

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