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The Ask

Every summer we crowd around the grill and begin that great American tradition of BBQ. But nobody talks enough about the bread. In our opinion, the key ingredient that really ties the recipe together.

Our challenge that we chose to accept was how do we drive people to the Schmidt's Old Tyme website to find local retailers?
How do we build awareness for their grilling products. How do we increase reach and engagement on social media and grow the community?
But most important of all, how do we create something that’s fun and shareable?


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The Answer

The culture of “success coach influencers” are all over social media. Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cordone, Tai Lopez. Even if you don’t know these names you know Tony Robbins. This combined with the 800-pound backyard-gorilla: people are not always confident in their cookout chops, was our answer.

Enter Mark Grillman.

A motivational griller, and BBQ zen master. Mark Grillman is cut from the same apron cloth as a Gary Vaynerchuk. We cooked up a robust social media marketing campaign and online giveaway using Schmidt Old Tyme's own channels as well as the reach of fans to drive engagement.

Mark Grillman also spoke directly to fans, addressing comments and answering questions in an interactive way that the brand had never seen before. Our speed and production flexibility allowed us to turn around custom Mark Grillman Cameos in days. Giving Mark the ability to speak directly to his “fans” and promote Schmidt Old Tyme.

A charcoal bag full of tactics included:
• Video ads, reels, and shorts
• Paid and organic social content
• Branded content, including a self-help book written by Mark
• Cameo videos from Mark offering advice to hopeless BBQ’rs referred by their friends
• Contest offering a grill gift card, branded Schmidt Old Tyme cooking tools, and enough rolls to last the summer

The Results

While cutting engagement costs by 66% we received over 1,300 requests for Mark's help and 320,000 impressions reaching 170,000 people which netted a 440% increase in engagement. People watched Mark for 45,000 minutes and we doubled the size of the email list. Every stat that could be tracked was through the roof. People loved Mark. Maybe he'll be back next year.

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